Grange Road, Trinity College

Full refurbishment of the existing building to provide additional & updated accommodation for Fellows & Students. – Trinity College, Cambridge.

Total Contract Value: £980K
Contract Period: 39 weeks.

An overdue refurbishment to update & increase accommodation for Students and Fellows at the college, including entirely new mechanical and electrical services installed with remote access and control from the Porter’s Lodge through a sophisticated B.M.S (Building Management System).

Other work included:

* Extension by construction of a long dormer, creating an access corridor, enabling the existing roof space to be fully utilised for accommodation.

* Full re-roofing of the building including new lead roofs and clay plain roof tiles and stone parapet copings etc.

* Refurbishment, renovation and re-glazing of existing external hardwood joinery – frames prepared & re-finished with linseed oil & coloured face putties tinted on site to match refinished hardwood frames.

* Major steel support framing to enable rearrangement of internal partition layouts to extend & improve accommodation.

* Alteration, adaption, new access steps, new door openings & the refinishing of French Polished oak paneled room & the refurbishment of the existing wood-block flooring.

* Full refurbishment of the entire building to high decorative order including floor finishes and carpeting. Lime hair motars and traditional materials used throughout the project.